About Us

Davis Derby Limited is a world leader in the design and manufacture of electronic control and monitoring equipment, software and data logging systems.

Davis Derby systems improve productivity and provide greater safety to people operating in hazardous environments such as mines, ports, power stations, quarries,  steelworks, cement plants, oil and gas platforms, warehouses and materials handling, logistics and distribution centres. 

Davis Derby is an established brand globally and for many years has supplied the mining industry with the MineWATCH range of products. MineWATCH is  a specialised range of control and monitoring equipment to improve safety and productivity in this hazardous industrial environment. 

With a growing network across Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, Asia and Australasia, Davis Derby has a proud history of innovation with a reputation for quality and reliability across the world.

Davis Derby Siberia has been in operation since June 2008. Established to provide front line sales and service support to the Siberian mining industry, more recently Davis Derby Siberia has completed major contracts with Davis Derby Ltd and is also handling sales enquiries from all of Russia.